The 5 Best Ways to get rid of Bad Habits

Bad habits are common to all of us. But what a makes a habit bad is the fact that it doesn’t help us in achieving our goals, rather it wastes our time and tries to slow us down. Sometimes we set goals for ourselves but we sometimes find ourselves doing something else which has no along the way. Bad habits have nothing good to offer us and they sometimes lead to negative results. This why we need to correct them before they cause more damage.


Identify the behavior you want to change

The first and most important step we can take on our journey to stopping bad habits is to recognize them at first. It’s not enough for us to assume we have bad habits. We need to identify what we are doing wrongly and how we can correct them as soon as possible. You can start this out by trying to remember the small take you give yourself and observe why you always fail at completing them. For example, you may be someone that makes a lot of promises but you always seem to forget. This shows that being forgetful is the bad habit and once you’ve recognized this, the best thing to do is to start working on correcting it.


Learn what triggers your bad habits


One thing about bad habits is that we always get lost in the act before we remember that we’re doing them. Try as much as possible to understand the things that always cause you to repeat the bad habit and try to get rid of them. Most times, we are often caught up being too distracted that we forget about our bad habits. What you can do to start correcting your bad habits is to try as much as possible to recognize the things that always catch your attention. Start recognizing these things and work on how to get rid of them


Go slowly and make tiny changes


One way to permanently eradicate bad habits is to approach and tackle it step by step as it takes a lot of effort to change a bad habit into something good. It’s nearly impossible to change your bad habits overnight, even when you’ve made up your mind to stop them, you’ll still find your self doing them subconsciously. When this happens, you don’t need to blame yourself, all you need to do is to make little changes to how you do things. Let’s say you are fat but you can’t control eating way too much. What you can do is to reduce the amount of food you cook at once. You can start reducing it little by little and later on your body will get used to it.


Give yourself a better reason to quit


Whenever we find ourselves doing a bad habit, we usually swear to our selves that we won’t do them again, only to do them over and over again. One thing you should know is that habits “grow” within us and it’s how we feed them every day that depends on what happens tomorrow. For you to quit bad habits for good, what you can do is to list out the disadvantages of this habit and start doing what will bring about the advantages. You need to give your self a better reason to quit the habit. Make sure the reason is something you’ve always wanted. For example, you might be a smoker and you want to quit, if you tell your self that smoking is bad, you might reduce it a little. But if you tell yourself that smoking is not only bad but it can stop you from achieving your dreams and can even kill you at any time. By giving your self this kind of reason, you’ll be very cautious the next time you find your self contemplating the bad habit.


Change your environment


One Important Way of quitting bad habits for good is to change whatever environment we are in. Our environment can act as a trigger and we are usually unaware of this. This is because bad habits sometimes make us feel good and amazing. And if you keep doing an act in a particular place, your brain gets used to this environment and you’ll start feeling the urge to repeat these bad habits in this environment over and over again. What you need to do is to make sure you always change your location as many times as possible. Don’t make yourself too comfortable with that environment and always find a new place when you can relax and think deeper.

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