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10 Psychology facts that will blow your mind

Human psychology has continued to evolve over the years and a lot of facts are springing up every single day. There are things you don’t know about the people around you and you’ll be shocked to find out about these things. This,psychology facts, will help you gain more knowledge and build better relationships with people. There are myths out there and there are facts. What we are about to discuss in this article are the facts about human psychology. These are things that will surprise and shock you.


The type of music, you listen affects the way you look at the world.

There are different genres of music out there, the ones we choose to listen to can affect the way we look at things. This is why most people try to dress and behave like their favourite artist. This happens when our emotions and feelings are connected to the music we listen to. People who listen to music as a means of escaping sadness and being happy will always try and live in line with that music as it acts as their source of entertainment and happiness.


The ones that give the best advice usually have the most problems

This can be quite tricky to understand but when you take a closer look at people who give advises they re usually good at hiding their problems while they help others out. Research has found that people who look like the best advisors are usually hateful towards others.


Your attitude  towards servants and attendants speaks a lot about you

It’s easy to read a person’s true behaviour most especially when they are in public gatherings. If someone treats the restaurant staff roughly for a slight mistake, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to know that they have temperament issues. The way we treat people has a huge effect on my profile.


People are more honest when physically tired

It may be difficult to spit out the truth when you’re active but once your body starts getting tired, you might feel like saying out your mind.  This happens mostly at night when we are at rest and we are having conversations. we tend to say out the deepest things in our minds and try to connect with whoever is with us.


Doing scary things can be a source of happiness

Research has found out that people get happy most times when they do something they have have been unable to do for a while. This sense of achievement can increase their level of Happiness and even push them to do more.

Examples of these can be when you’re afraid to play a Virtual reality game or talk to your crush for the first time

You’ll observe that once you overcome this fear, it’s a nice experience


Intelligent people tend to limit friends

People with higher intelligent quotient (IQ) usually look for environments where they can run their creativity and imaginations better. They mostly prefer to keep friends with people who are passionate about the same goal.  During this process, they reduce the number of friends they have sometimes. This contributes to their high intelligence and creative process.


You think more creatively when using a different language

It has been discovered that people think more creatively when thinking in another language. Sometimes we might find it hard to solve a problem when we think in our language, but we might arrive at an answer when we try to think in another language.

This usually happens from what we’ve seen or watched and we liked. If you watched a movie in another language and you loved the way a particular actor/actress was able to think creatively and solve a problem, you might try to imitate this behaviour and apply it to real-life situations. Doing this over time, you’ll be surprised to see that you’ll start seeing answers in places you never expected.


People born blind can’t have Schizophrenia

Research has shown that the only type of people who are immune to schizophrenia are the ones that are born blind. This shows that people who can see are much liable to develop schizophrenia which is a form of mental illness.



Extended periods of loneliness is very much similar to smoking 15 cigarettes at once

Resulting in self-isolation for too long can be very bad for your health. This is why it’s best for you to always be in the company of people. Being alone for extended periods can cause the same damage as smoking 15 cigarettes would cause.

When you’re alone for too long, it can affect the way you think about life in general and you may start to hate what most people around you are doing. This usually happens when you’re working on a project that requires a lot of effort and you refuse to give your self a break. You’ll also have to deal with boredom from time to time which can be very bad for your health. The best way for you is to go outside and have some fun with your friends.


Travel increases your brain power and also reduces the risk of heart attack and depression

Researches have found it that exploring the world around you can help you prevent all forms of the fatal disease that most people encounter. When you expose your self to different cultures and mix your self up with new people, your body switches to a happy mood. And it even gets better when you have happy people around you while o the trip.


Talking about what you love can make you look attractive

Additional psychology facts is Sometimes when you having conversations and you are talking about something that caught your interest, this can me you look and sound attractive to people. This is can be sports, movies or anything else you always love to


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