8 Life hacks to make him fall in love with you

It’s an amazing feeling to have a crush on someone and it even feels much better to have them fall in love with you. Sometimes it can be a little challenging as you might not be able to achieve this due to various factors like shyness or fear. This is why you need to have a good knowledge of the steps you can take which will help you secure the heart of your crush.


Build more confidence

You need to build some confidence because your shyness won’t take you anywhere. Try and practice this over and over in front of a mirror z try to talk to your self and motivate your self that you are a beautiful mind full of creativity and happiness. Once you start getting a hold of this feeling in your body, then you have to repeat the step over and over until you can channel this feeling every time. So when next you see your crush and your heart is about to start racing, just try and channel this same feeling throughout your body to build some confidence.


Try taking care of yourself


One thing to note here is that the way you look matters a lot if you want to attract your crush. Try to do a few things to your body that will change you positively. You can ask your friends for help and follow their advice to help you look your best. Try to fix your hair and nails. Do a couple of things that will make you feel good because it’s when we feel good that we can look good and happy. You should also try and check your dressing to get it in the right condition. You don’t want to overdress and underdress at the same time, just keep it simple and sweet.


Make Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact for more than a second has proven to be one of the ways to show your crush that you are interested in him. You don’t have to stalk him, you can just try to look his direction a few times and make sure you hit his view of the contact. Try to study and note the things he finds interesting so that anytime a conversation comes up between the two of you, you’ll try to show him that you also like the same things he likes and find common ground.



One of the most important tools in building a friendship is by regularly greeting him. A simple ”hi” or “hello” can go a long way in building some friendship between you two.


Don’t forget your chats

If you get to exchange numbers with your crush, try as much as possible to always keep in contact. Make sure to respond to him chats and try greeting him once in a while. You can try asking him about how his day went and other friendly questions that show that you care.


Smile more often

One of the biggest secrets of attractive people is that they smile a lot. This helps boost their moods and gives them more confidence when talking with people.

When you smile to your crush more often, we’ll see signs that you are interested in being friends with him.


Try playing with Him

You can then spark up this friendship by being playful and doing childish things together. Think of creative ways to play with your crush and have some fun.


Be hopeful

The last and final step is to always be prayerful and have some faith. Doing this can go a long way in making your friendship turn into a love triangle.

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