5 thing to know about coronavirus

If you are up to date about the news, you will observe that the trending disease throughout the planet is the coronavirus. This is a virus that affects the respiratory organs of human beings and can be fatal if left untreated. The Coronavirus (SARS COV-2) causes the deadly disease known as COVID-19. This disease is easily contractable as it is airborne and it can affect a large percentage of the population.

This disease is spreading from nation to nation and has claimed the lives of thousands around the world. This has driven the people in many countries to experience a lot of unwanted events. Some of which is the cancellation of certain activities important meetings been closed.


  1. Research about Corona Virus is Ongoing.

Coronavirus is a new disease which scientist have never seen before. This will be the first spread of the virus. The disease starts from a common cold and develops into a deadly disease. Scientists are using the knowledge and information they gained from a similar virus known as novel influenza which also had deadly effects like the Coronavirus


  1. Scientists are currently developing a permanent cure for Coronavirus

Various researches and tests are been carried out to know how to tackle this disease. With the current days from all confirmed cases, scientists are studying the process of transmission from the initial stages of this to the final stage(death). Scientists claim to b on the verge of coming up with a solution for the virus as they are trying their best to get knowledge and understanding about the disease.



  1. The Virus is Easily Contacted.

The Coronavirus doesn’t take too long in the human body before the effects start kicking in. Generally, the infected persons start seeing symptoms after 2-14 days of getting in contact with the infected fluid which comes from the sneeze and coughing of the infected persons. The best thing for you to do is to take the proper precaution as early as possible.

Some symptoms of the disease include fever, difficulty in breathing, cough. Make sure to contact the nearest medical centre when in case you’re experiencing these symptoms. This virus is so powerful that vaccination doesn’t stop it in any way. This is why it is mandated that people protect themselves and prevent this disease at all cost. This flu is easily transferred when someone coughs or sneezes on your body. Make sure you properly wash your hands before you touch any part of your face and always avoid people who show any sign of being infected.

  1. Always protect yourself.

Ensure that your family and loved ones are well informed and educated so that you can be safely protected against the virus. Always spray disinfectant in all areas of your house that you come into contact with every single day. Also, make sure to protect your self from anyone that’s sneezing or coughing excessively and make sure to wash with soap and sanitizer. Scientists are still unsure as to the wearing of masks because the air can still penetrate certain masks.


  1. Trust only the Federal Government Agencies.

With a disease as deadly as the COVID-19, there are multiple sources of income which can be invalid. So before you fall victim due to misinformation, make sure you follow the precautions provided by the world health organizations. Experts have now advised people to stay away from too many gathering as the disease is transferred when you’re within 6-feet of an infected person. Make sure to avoid unnecessary shopping and events. This disease is most common for people from the age of 40. So make sure you stay clear of health centres and also from large crowds as it doesn’t matter if the carrier is sick or not.

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