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5 places you should see before you die

places you should visit before you die

Over the years, people have made a note of certain locations on the surface of the earth where they need to see before they die. If you think about it, you would see that is a very good idea for me and you to try out when next we are going on a vacation with our loved ones. These locations are full of excitement and a lot of adventure for us to explore and make the best possible memories. It doesn’t matter what your preference is or whatever information you already know about these places, just have it in mind that you’re missing out a great deal if your decision not to visit these places and have this amazing experience in person.


  1. The Great Wall of China

It is believed that the wall was constructed around the year 700 B.C. This was a project that was completed by the sweats of prisoners and slaves that went through the hard labour of transporting huge stones on their backs to the top of the ridges. The length of this wall extends more than 5,000 miles across China and it is one of the most important tourist centres that make China unique. To show you that this wall is quite significant, about 10 million tourists visit the wall every year. This gets so crowdy to the extent that visitors are advised to spend nothing less than two hours at any spot you are visiting and make sure to go on weekdays when the traffic would go down a little.


  1. The Louvre in Paris, France


This is a must-see for lovers of art lovers around the world. The museum features the incredible works of the greatest artists in the history of mankind. These are the works of Pablo Picasso, Money and the amazing Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. These are impressive works of art that will blow your kind when you finally see them with your own eyes.


Today, it is the museum with the highest number of visitors in the whole world. It has a record of over 8 million visitors every year. It is also one of the biggest museums as it conveniently sits of a landmass of over 65,000 square feet. To save your time, it is advised that you shouldn’t try to see everything as the artworks can be catchy and enticing. You should pay attention to the most significant pieces and make necessary research before taking your leave.


  1. Venice, Italy.

Even though the amazing and incredible features that this city possess is enough to entice you to visit, we perceive that it would be a better idea for you to visit this city as soon as you can as it may seize to be in existence but the time this century comes to an end. This is a result of the geological shifts which creates the path for a massive amount of waterway, the city has been reported to be sinking at the rate of two-and-a-half inches every decade.


However, when you finally make your way to this city which is full of beautiful gondolas, amazing alleys, Incredible sights and renaissance architecture, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime. Make sure not to forget the Grand Canal or the canal within the main city. This city was so amazing that the French King Charles VIII didn’t waste time in naming it one of the most beautiful cities in the world and up till this moment, it hasn’t lost this title.

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza


This pyramid has been widely known to be one of the most beautiful and amazing structures that man has ever constructed. When you visit this place, you’ll see the true wonders that the Great Pyramid of Giza is made of which has gotten millions and millions visiting it every single year. Even though the actual date and time that this pyramid was constructed is yet to be known, it is believed to have lived more than 4,500 years.


It was constructed for court dynasty which was the pharaoh Khufu and the height of this beautiful structure is around 450 feet. This symbolic and significant structure was built with millions of limestone blocks with each of them at an average weight of about two tons each. This Pyramid was built with hard work and labour which was carried out by more than 2000 labourers. This is an easily accessible location in Egypt as you can just take a cap from Cairo or even travel on a camel.


  1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the best locations in the world that is worth seeing by any human being on the planet. It is located across the Colorado River in the beautiful state of Arizona, making it easily accessible to millions of wonderful souls like you and I. The Grand canyon is has a width of about 18 miles and it extends to more than 288 miles. One factor that makes it even more exciting is the fact that is made from natural elements. The Colorado River works in connection with certain areas with the weather in avoiding the nearby gorge.


You also have free access to visit an unlimited number of places for you to see during your visit. This includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk which is made purely from a glass. It gives the visitors an incredible view of over 4,000 feet below them. You’ll also get to enjoy the rafting that goes all the way down the Colorado River.

Grand Canyon

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