The feeling of taking a book to read can be frustrating in many ways. We prefer to scroll through unending Facebook pop-ups, tweets and other social media apps just to look for that “excitement”. Well according to research. it has been shown that reading a book can actually be beneficial in a number of ways and we are possibly missing out. Here are four  ways that shows how reading can actually change our daily lives.


  1. Improved Mental Abilities.

A recent study about geniuses showed how their brainpower operates at Alpha waves while normal people operates at Beta waves. This is because they constantly “feed” their brains with knowledge or why do you think most billionaires can’t do without reading at least a book in a week.

What most of us don’t know is that we actually retain a lot of information unconsciously when reading and our brain will pick them up and connect them together when we need them the most.

Also, many of us are easily terrified in the face of danger whenever we are at risk of losing a material possession. Even though it’s not so easy to pass through such circumstances, you’ll easily recover because you have meaningful information that can make you more money in your head.


  1. It Reduces Stress

We usually get stressed up by a lot of things in our daily lives. I lt could be as a result of a bad day or any other thing. The best thing we can do in these kind of situation is to relax ourselves as much as possible with enough positivity. One way to build up this positivuty is by taking a good book and read, even if it’s just a paragraph or a page. You’ll feel better at the end of the day.

  1. Develops your Vocabulary

One thing that matters when it comes to spoken word or written word is the vocabulary. Almost everybody see themselves as a good writer or speaker. But what most people don’t usually understand is that the english vocabulary is constantly changing and for you to keep up with this change, you need to know certain areas of the english language. The only way you can do this is by investing your time to read about these new topics and you’ll see your vocabulary changing over time.


  1. Improves your brain power

Over the years, we have seen people making notable achievements. This can be in class or in our place of work. You’ll might be wondering if these people are super or different. Well, that’s not the case. If you study the habits of successful people, you’ll find out that one thing that helps them overcome different challenges is the fact that they have a  powerful and Incredible brain power. This is one of the advantages of reading, it helps develop your brain and you’ll be able to connect different events from the past and present and use that to achieve your goals.

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