10 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life.

Life gets more exciting and fun when you learn a few tricks to get things done faster. These are otherwise known as hacks which you can use to show off your intelligence and create a new way of doing things. This might look weird and strange at first but once you can do them perfectly, the results will be amazing. Let’s look at some of the tricks and hacks you can do every day to make your life simpler.


Dry clothes faster.

This is quite effective for people who are rushing off somewhere and the clothes they want to wear are still wet. You might not have a dryer to use or any other devices that can help you suck out the water. What you can do is to roll up this cloth within your towel and squeeze as much as you can. Now the magic here is that the towels are made to absorb water and they’ll speed up the rate at which the clothing dries up when placed under the sun.


Smelly shoes

What most people do when they are experiencing a foul or stinky smell from their shoes is to sundry it. This works but it can sometimes take a lot of time before the smell is gone. What you can do is to place a couple of dry tea bags into this shoe and watch as the odour disappears without any trace.


Cure Body Odour

Sometimes you might have forgotten to put on deodorant when you’re not at home. If you are concerned about your body odour, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is to get a fresh orange or lemon and Apply the juice all over your body. This gets rid of any traces of odour within seconds.


Increase your phone’s speaking volume.

Anytime you are playing music or any other media and you are not satisfied with the low volume your phone is playing. You can simply get a drinking cup and put your phone inside.  This will gradually increase the volume of the speakers.



Stubborn Jar Cover

Jars can prove difficult to open at times and this can be very frustrating. Some people advise that you apply duct tape on it to get it removed quickly. This works effectively but what if you don’t have duct tape? What you can do is to apply hot water around the lid of the jar or even deep the whole lid area into hot boiling water. This loosens the molecules around the cover and they become easier to open.


Keep ice frozen for longer time

Whenever you want to to keep your drinks cool for long inside the cooler and the ice seems to be melting off, what you can simply do is to sprinkle salt on the ice blocks and they will stay frozen for longer periods.


Fresh breath

Sometimes you might have left the house and forgotten to brush your teeth. If you’re worried about how your teeth or breath will smell, then what you can simply do is to bite on an apple. This refreshes your breath and kills any bad odour you had before.


Clean bathroom shower head

When you notice dirt around the head of your shower in the bathroom, you shouldn’t try to force it out like the shower is delicate you might destroy it. What you can do is to fill a nylon or polythene bag with vinegar and then fix it up with the showerhead using an adhesive. Ensure that the showerhead is deep inside the vinegar and then you can leave it till the following day to see the amazing results


Unclogging you Drain

Whenever you are having difficulties with unclogging your drain. You can easily solve this business by applying vinegar and baking soda. What you need to do is to pour a decent amount of hot water down the drain then follow this up by adding a cup of baking soda. This is then followed up by a cup of vinegar. The last thing to do is to flush everything down the drain with hot water.



Tight shoes

In case your shoes are tight and you want to expand them to your fitting. You can simply soak newspapers in water then fill the shoes up with this soaked paper while making sure it’s tight and firm. Then you can allow the shoe to dry for some time. You can later come back to remove newspapers and you’ll see that the size of the shoes increases a few inches.

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